Class Description

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath • Sun 6/30

Sunday, June 30 • Led by Christine Aprile and Madre Jaguar // We all have our own cyclicals of growth, ebbing with some seasons and flourishing with others. What are you releasing and what are you resurrecting this spring? With the help of Grandmother Cacao, we'll dive into our heart centers, allowing the medicine to help us release our old branches to make way for new growth. / Since ancient times, Cacao has been used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures in sacred rituals to commune with Creator, access Divine Wisdom and amplify the power of our prayers. This sacred plant medicine when used with intention acts as a catalyst to shift old patterns, expand the heart center and activate the higher chakras. / Madre Jaguar will lead a heart opening Cacao ceremony, while Christine of Receptive Tarot provides an energetically aligning sound healing. We'll be setting intentions for this spring and summer while releasing all that we've outgrown. // Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat and blanket, and any offering you would like to charge on the altar. // Offering: $30 •