Charisma Whitefeather


Graceful, loving and vibrant, Charisma is a teacher for those of us seeking a more authentic, joyous and fulfilled life. Sometimes our lives can feel hostile, boring, as if every day were the same, or we feel like there is something missing, there’s something wrong with us, we’re not good enough, that we don’t have what it takes to be successful, happy or healthy. Charisma’s classes remind us that we have the strength to create amazing lives we can enjoy and cherish, lives where we feel victorious and connected to our passions. She discovered Kundalini Yoga at a time when she was looking for a way out of her numbing depression and stressful anxiety attacks. She knew that there had to be more to life, and that’s when she stumbled onto Kundalini Yoga at a music festival in Northern California. During a morning class tears began running down her cheeks, she felt as if something inside had broken open and revealed her glittery, shining insides. Charisma had taken the first step on the path of awakening to her fullest potential, healing old wounds and discovering who she really was, not who society, her friends, or her parents thought she should be. And now she hopes to help others on their paths of awakening, discovery and healing, because she believes that if we can all get in touch with our real selves, we can overcome our limiting beliefs and uncover the true beauty within ourselves. And then our lives become full of well-being, happiness, community and abundance. And then we can share that love
with others and heal the world. When she isn’t teaching or travelling, Charisma loves to surf at County
Line, cook for her friends, drink chai and ride her bike all over Los Angeles. You can meet Charisma at Siesta Yoga (she loves connecting with people) or follow her on Instagram: @SoyChaiLatte