Heather Weisberger


I grew up in a metaphysical family, conscious of my intuition since the age of two. I became aware of the power of positive thought and my healing abilities after my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer and later cured using holistic practices. As an adult I embarked upon an intense period of self-discovery, using such methods as rebirthing, inner-child dialogue and regression therapy as a way to establish boundaries, speak my truth, and relinquish control.

As an avid reader, I'm constantly striving to learn more about myself, the Universe and my relationship with it. I hope to mentor others so that they can not only develop their own intuition but also learn to cope with the realities of our world and define their place within it. I have lived in and around the Western United States my entire life, including Phoenix, Sedona, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, and the Lake Tahoe area. I now live in East Hollywood where I practice yoga and strive to live an organic, sustainable, and vegetarian lifestyle.

My philosophy is simple – we each have a life’s path and are presented with opportunities and choices that create our life experience. Choosing which path to take can be difficult, but ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision, just the one that seems the best for us at the time. We are here to experience and understand, not to judge what is right or wrong, good or bad. By challenging our fears and accepting situations for what they are, we gain a greater awareness of the Universe and ourselves. It is through this awareness that we truly begin to connect with spirit and become the person we wish to be.