Stella Han


In 2012, Stella attained her first 200hr teacher training in Thailand by “It’s Yoga Thailand,” program which was designed the late Ashtangi, Larry Shultz and creator of Rocket series. This program utilized the methods and philosophy of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and Rocket Series. Stella also completed certification for trauma-informed yoga provided by Street Yoga in October, 2014. Recently in October 2016, Stella completed an additional 300hr advance teacher training with the Yogamaze program, which culminated at Wanderlust Hollywood by master teacher Noah Maze and co-teacher Rocky Heron. She also maintained a steady advance practice and is gratefully influenced by advance teacher, Nichol Chase, she is also part of the Noah Maze team.

Just before becoming a passionate Full-Time Yoga instructor, Stella was a government Children Social Worker for Los Angeles County and has extensive experience in working with Foster Youth and Group Home system. She has a Master Social Work degree from USC and has been in the social work/psychology field for over 12 years. Stella has incredible sensibility towards helping people flourish from a space of love and understands the depth in accepting people in the present where they are mentally and physically. Stella’s background as a Social worker and server of community wellness naturally evolved Stella into a heartfelt, compassionate, and skillful yoga practitioner/teacher for life. Because high stress was not a stranger to Stella, she would ritually turn to Yoga and Bikram practice for self-care and balance. She believes it is what saved her sense of mental and physical well-being and spirituality as well. Due to this experience, Stella has committed to help others find their path, their healing, and relationship with the yoga practice. She believes everyone deserves to experience this magical gift of healing. Stella is grateful for her experience in working with children and families of many backgrounds. For it has provided her a solid foundation in becoming a more empathic, intuitive, and compassionate yoga teacher. Stella claims that yoga is her endless journey and is excited to share her impartial and loving vibe with the community. Yoga and sharing love is a way of life for her and coming from a prior stressful work and life situation, she knows all too well how yoga can heal, transform, and empower.

Stella’s yoga background and training involves the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, alignment based classes, creative vinyasa flow, hot yoga flow, apex pose practice, advance practice, pranayama, and meditation. She also enjoys and appreciates the Bikram practice.

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