Stephy Pool


Stephy Pool is a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Dancer, Anthropologist, and Creative Strategist. She was introduced to yoga unknowingly in Las Vegas during a high school dance class by a very cool dance instructor who had traveled to India and incorporated ‘Sun Salutations’ into her warm-up. At college in London, a friend introduced her to Ashtanga. She was smitten immediately by...everything: the sacredness, the physicality, the stillness achieved, and - of course - how good she felt after every class. Through her early twenties in Los Angeles, she feasted on a buffet of yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa & Iyengar. Here, yoga & meditation healed her from devastating heartbreak and cracked her consciousness wide open. Then, in Detroit, a magical human taught her Anusaura. The way alignment was considerately applied to the practice and its focus on breath and longer posture times resonated with her dance training. But it was back in Los Angeles in a corporate gym where she happened upon a yoga practice unlike any other: Kundalini. Her entire world was rocked and her consciousness, already cracked by earlier practices, was completely unleashed. Kundalini offered rapid evolution, awareness expansion, and seemingly incepted knowledge from somewhere beyond.

Today, she is a teacher of this wonderful form of yoga, passionate about helping others to awaken their own creative potential and evolved consciousness to fall deeply in love with themselves, each other, and the world. She channels ancient teachings & modern messages into a relatable, fun, deep, open and expansive yoga environment. All are welcome.