Brandee Goatcher


Everyone has a unique and beautiful individual practice. We can grow and become inspired by other yogis, but must honor ourselves, quirks and all. My classes are arranged in a way that encourages students to listen to their bodies, follow their breath, and move in a way that nourishes both. Everything I learn as I try new styles of yoga, every piece of information I read or learn from another teacher, and every philosophical realization that clicks is my opportunity to offer my students something new, something bigger, something extraordinary. That's what yoga can be for you - an unending journey, always to a new place. I studied 200 hours of Anusara in an Immersion with Maria Cristina Jimenez and Keric Morinaga and in a teacher training with Noah Maze and Tony Giuliano, completed an additional 100 hours of teacher training with Tony Giuliano. I have completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky, and a Spiritual Anatomy workshop with Maria Cristina Jimenez.