Sri Jayme LoveStar: Energy Healer


Sri Jayme LoveStar is an intuitive psychic and certified in Reiki II and Chakra Balancing. Jayme’s spirit journey started when she was in elementary school living in Los Feliz.
Where at this age she found herself having premonitions about classmates, family members, and even locating missing items. By the age of 16 she would attend workshops with her mom at The Bodhi Tree bookstore and read everything she could about developing your intuition, dream interpretation, crystals and astrology. Over the past two and a half decades Jayme has continued to let her intuition and creative nature be the guide in her development as a healer. This has led her to many paths of healing arts, while living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and New York. In these magical cities she has connected with other healers and teachers learning about Ayurvedic healing and nutrition, Kundalini and Hatha yoga, creating sacred space and alters, and the power of mantras. Each place she has lived has greatly strengthened her connection to spirit, creativity and purpose. Jayme has what can be called the “Clairs”, clairvoyant, clairaudient and
During a session these intuitive gifts are merged with Reiki and Chakra balancing, healing crystals and soothing sound bowl to help assist you in getting unblocked and create balance in your life.