Christian Castano


Christian considers Yoga more than just a practice: it's a lifestyle integrated into everything we do. It empowers the mind, body, and spirit to grow and fully incorporate into everyday activities.

While teaching he puts a strong focus on breath through movement, using inhalation and exhalation to enter and exit each posture. There's a connection found through breath that many miss because of stressful distractions in life. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Christian began his work-out career with a couple of years of weight-training. After that, he began to run daily, which led to a calf injury. In 2002, he took up yoga as a new type of work-out, starting with Bikram for a year, and then adding Power Yoga for a more strengthening practice. Finding immediate peace of mind, he continued on to discover many more types of yoga at the LMU Yoga Doctors Program. Upon certification, Christian had settled on a practice highly influenced by Ashtanga and Anusara. He has been to numerous workshops to enhance his awareness of the intricacies of yoga. With a strong belief that through a consistent practice, one is able to heal the ever-changing body physically and mentally, he likes to guide newcomers and advanced practitioners alike through the practice with faith that they will learn that healing comes from within.