New Students


  1. Mat - Available for rent or sale at Siesta Yoga.
  2. Comfortable Clothing - Wear something you can move in; something that will not confine your body.
  3. Water - Hydration is important when releasing toxins and exercising. Filtered Water is available if you have a canteen. Also, Boxed Water, Coconut Water, and cups are for sale.
  4. Towel - Sometimes it is nice to have something to grip onto your mat or wipe your brow. The classes can induce sweat, depending on the level, the person, and the temperature (Our room is kept between 75 and 85 degrees). Towels are available for purchase.
  5. Food - Because of the twisting, folding nature of yoga, it is advised to take class on an empty stomach. A common point of reference is to eat a meal that is easy on your digestive system 2 hours before class. If you are hungry within that time, have a light, healthy snack.
  6. No strong perfumes - The yoga room should be a neutral, comfortable environment. Strong scents can have a negative affect on fellow students.

Once You’re Here

  1. Come Early - There’s generally a friendly person waiting to point you toward the Liability Waiver, best pricing options for you, and the Class Roster. We do not want you to have to rush for your first class, so try to show up 10-15 minutes before class.
  2. Sign In - Everyone must sign-in to our Class Roster every time they take a class.
  3. Remove Shoes - Place your shoes on the shelves in the entryway. Bring your personal belongings into the yoga room with you and place them on the shelves inside.
  4. Mute Electronics - Turn off or mute cell phones or any noisy devices that may distract students during class.


  1. There is Metered Parking for two hours across the street, on N. Western Ave and Metered Parking for one hour on the same side as the studio of N. Western Ave.
  2. Small Parking Lot in back. There are five designated spots that have Siesta Yoga signs.
  3. Neighborhood parking anywhere around the studio. There are many little streets that have available spots and are a short distance from the studio.

  4. Remember to check all street signs for hours and street cleaning.*

Alternative Transportation

  1. You can lock up bikes out back on a rail in our parking lot.
  2. has all the most up-to-date information on metro rail and bus routes, times, and prices.
    • Metro Red Line 802 Transit: Hollywood / Western
    • Metro Buses 180/181 • 217 • 780 Transit : Western / Hollywood
    • 207 • 757 Transit: Western / Hollywood
  3. has details on the
    • DASH LADOT Hollywood - B Transit: Franklin Ave. / Western Ave.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Flexibility: This is developed. Yoga does not require flexibility. In fact, yoga increases it. You will find that once you enter a class, some students are very flexible naturally, while others are very strong naturally. We aim to balance these out in every pose.
  2. Lifted spirits: Yoga has a beautiful way of getting into your head and turning negative thoughts and bad moods into gold. Taking the time to focus inward is quite healing it turns out.
  3. Comfy Skin: As the body starts to open up, you will begin to notice that you do not slouch as much, so your back and shoulders do not hurt as much as they did; that you breathe a little easier, stand up a little straighter, and feel more connected to the people and world around you.
  4. Focus: Your mind begins to quiet down as you focus on poses, at work, and on what is important to you.
  5. Energy: As your body becomes healthier and your mind becomes less stressed, you will notice your energy level rising. You will stay awake and efficient during the day, and calm enough to sleep well at night.
  6. Healthier: Your yoga practice will enhance your awareness of what your body needs and what it merely desires. Eating habits may change to include smaller portions, more nutritious options, and eating only when hungry.