Mystic Bazaar presents Magic School (Weekly Workshop)

July 19 at 7:30pm

Led by an array of fantastic healers from Mystic Bazaar
Weekly Workshop

Mystic Bazaar's Magic School is a curated series of classes, knowledge shares, and workshops to help you tap into your super powers, develop your innate abilities and meet kindred spirits while bringing magic into your every day life.
JULY 5: Chakra Rituals to Awaken Magic w/ Sage Aurora

JULY 12: Starseed Activation Cacao Ceremony w/ Madre Jaguar + Modular Sound Bath

JULY 19: Heart Magic w/ Luke Simon
Magic is the result of focused energy aligning with Nature. When we are aligned with our Heart, the energy expands and guides our work. When we are not, the work falls flat and we are shown where we are mis-aligned with Nature's flow. Either way, we are guided back to our own heart: our soul battery, our rhythm. This is our soul food, not our snack. In this class we will tap into your Heart to energize your magical work. Through guided meditative inquiry, and discussion about ways to access the heart vibration and spellcrafting, we will activate your Heart vibration to unite you with your dreams. This is magic for a joyful heart. IG: @oops.infinity.again

JULY 26: Astological Symbolism: Glyphs of the Signs & Planets w/ Nyssa Grazda

*Descriptions for each future session are listed under Class Descriptions*

$80 for all 4 sessions / $25 each
Must purchase in advance. We know commitment is hard, but this is a commitment to your well-being, and who knows what could come of that kind of focus!
No refunds or exchanges.