Modular Sound Bath: The Crown

September 24 at 6:00pm

SUNDAY, September 24

*Centering Breathwork
*OM Chant
*Chakra Aligning Meditation
*Sound Bath

Christian and Brandee take you on a journey using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Modular Synthesis with the intention of aligning the 7 main Chakras (Energy Centers). Notice as the sound vibrates your entire energy body and results in a light, bright inner rainbow.

A sound bath is used as a healing technique, using the vibrations from sound to "communicate" with the vibrations of each individual's body and mind to shake out discomfort and tension.

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"It sounded primal. I loved it!"

"When I came in, my sciatica was acting up. I felt a sensation in the area where I feel the discomfort during the sound bath, like a vibration. By the time the workshop was over, the pain was gone. The whole next day, I enjoyed what felt like a new body, cleansed of any sciatic pain whatsoever." - Emi

"Some of the tones reminded me of Pink Floyd, which brought me back to this crystal clear memory from childhood. It made me laugh." - Julie

"I felt like I was on an acid trip!" - Erica

"I feel taken care of, and I really needed this. You reminded me that the peace is within, and that it's actually always accessible." - Bobby

"I feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time" - Greg

"I thought I was in the movie Arrival for awhile there" - Jonathan