ONLINE Modular Sound Bath: Full Moon!

June 5 at 7:30pm

Modular Sound Bath
Full Moon
Friday, June 5
ONLINE via YouTube (link below).
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Full Moon

Soak it up! The full moon is our peak point in the moon cycle: full of light and energy. It charges us up. Give yourself a moment to acknowledge what has come to fruition, what you have gone through, what has happened over the last 2 weeks. And then settle into the now with us as we take you on a trippy ride!

We will begin with some centering, intention-setting, breath-work, mantra chanting, and a grounding meditation. After all that, we travel.

This online event will not have the same effect as a live Sound Bath. So, we ask that you create an ambience (dim lighting or eye mask, quiet or ear plugs, essential oils, candles, an alter, time, space, an open heart). You could keep it simple and lay in bed, ready to sleep as soon as we shut down the stream.

Modular Sound Bath (Christian and Brandee) is a duo interested in raising vibrations via direct tonal healing. Their sound baths stimulate the 7 chakras, bringing participants into a more balanced and aware state of being. The steadiness of their crystal singing bowls pairs beautifully with the varied arrangements available with Modular Synthesis, sometimes melding the frequencies seamlessly, and sometimes adding some texture to the relaxing hum of the bowls. This approach to sound gives participants an opportunity to travel, to take a journey through their minds. The responses vary greatly: "It felt like I was traveling through space;" "I was flooded with memories from childhood;" "It felt like an acid trip, but safe;" "This is the first time I've been able to truly meditate."

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