Brush Your Qi: Internal Martial Arts

June 8 at 3:00pm

Brush Your Qi
Internal Martial Arts: Qi Gong, Meditation in Motion, Energy Hygiene
Saturday, June 8

Svitlana has spent over a decade traveling and studying under some of the most respected wushu masters in China, on a mission to understand the space between body and soul, known in China as “shen-fa.” Traditional wushu world Champion, Svitlana is an accomplished international martial arts performer and choreographer with a passion for empowering people by sharing her knowledge and ability with others.

This workshop was specifically designed to provide us with the tools we need to redirect our energy towards positivity, productivity and prosperity by showing us how to “brush our Qi” every day through a combination of internal martial arts techniques. Our goal is to spread well-being by making this concept as natural as brushing our teeth!

Instagram : @wu.woman

This is a workshop-style class led by Svitlana. It will involve gentle, thoughtful, mindful movement that is accessible for all fitness levels.

$20 pre-register / $25 day of