Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

July 21 at 6:30pm

Sunday, July 21
Led by Christine Aprile and Madre Jaguar
*Please bring your own mug


Activate your greatest intuitive gifts, gain higher perspective, step into a prosperous life, and joyfully fulfill your soul’s destiny by meeting and connecting to your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is the real You, your total soul consciousness beyond physical form: unlimited and eternal. Your Higher Self is your ultimate guide as this is the You that knows and understands who you truly are, where you’ve come from and why you are here.

Join Madre Jaguar and Christine of Receptive Tarot as we commune with the sacred medicine of Mayan Cacao and Sound Healing once again, to open to the wisdom of our heart and journey to awaken and commune with our Higher Self to live a more harmonious and purposeful life.

Each participant will receive a quartz crystal to be programmed with the energetic transmission received from the Higher Self during this journey.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. Bring an offering of flowers for our altar, yoga mat, your own cup and a friend… or two!

Offering: $30