VIRYA: Vitality, Passion and Backbends

November 18 at 1:30pm

Led by Billy
2-part Backbend Exploration Series
Sundays, November 11 + 18

Through correct practice and non-attachment, backbending postures have the potential to unlock a vast reservoir of prana (life current), improving the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid, breathing efficiency, mental clarity, and increasing our compassion for ourselves and others.

In this workshop we’ll:

• Learn the anatomical principles of backbends
• Address the patterns of compensation, which often lead to injury in backbends
• Discuss how to intelligently approach deeper, more “advanced” backbends
• Experience the subtle dynamics of the latent physical, psychological, and spiritual potential that backbends can awaken within you!

• Stick around Nov 18 for Modular Sound Bath: Gratitude at 4:30pm. Only $15 for workshop attendees!

$30 each / $50 for both sessions