Inner Art Trek

July 15 at 3:00pm

Sunday, July 15

The act of creating is inherently powerful and transformative. It generates agency, which can then be directed inward to effect change, transformation and profound healing. Join us for this exciting opportunity to make stuff while exploring solutions for your deep personal challenges and locating creative routes into new phases in your life and your being.

In this 90-minute workshop, you will have fun exploring drawing, painting, tearing, gluing, cutting, creating and playing from a meditative state of mind. Using meditation, you will privately identify a specific question or difficulty you wish to address in the workshop. Lindsay will guide you through a series of open-ended, material-driven art prompts that will culminate in the creation of both an external visual art object and an internal psychic shift. Through this experience, you will learn how to engage in an artistic process of inquiry and intuitive action, which will enable you to expose and move through internal blockages and go deeper into personal projects and intentions.

As a teaching artist, Lindsay has enjoyed developing playful, innovative art lessons for two to six-years-olds, over the past ten years. More recently, she began reformulating these specific practices for adults as a way to circumvent linear and linguistic thought, and provide an alternative access point to the interior world. Her workshops offer genuine art-making experiences that direct students back to their pre-programed, child-like, creative selves.

No art experience is necessary for this workshop and all materials will be provided. The focus will be on using the experience of art making exploration and experimentation to playfully manipulate your internal workings. For those who are artists or have experience with art materials or processes, this workshop will provide a fresh and unaccustomed perspective into familiar territory.

$25 / $20 in advance
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