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August 2020

ONLINE Moon Practice August 10 at 7:30pm

A Special Moon class taught by Mackie!

Full Moon Moonshop: Monday, August 10
New Moon Moonshop: Monday, August 24
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When the world around us is in turmoil it can be challenging for our nervous systems to drop into a relaxed state. Our minds and bodies struggle to truly rest, often resulting in feeling stressed out, exhausted and rundown. It can affect our mood, our nervous system, our digestion, even our sleep patterns. Taking a break to breathe, to meditate, and to rest can be a game changer this crazy time.

The Moonshop is suitable for all levels and includes gentle breath based movement, deeply relaxing restorative yoga, and ends with yoga nidra. It’s designed to relax and release tension and produce a state of ease and calm. Some of the benefits include decreased anxiety, regeneration and repair of your cells, and expanded body-mind connection. It allows us to clear our minds and find creative solutions to problems. It also holds the potential to effectively erode old ideas as it introduces positive thought into a realm of the consciousness when our defenses are down. It’s pretty freaking amazing!

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested.

A few details about the Zoom Class:
• You have the option of joining with or without your camera on.
• Please try to join class 10 minutes early if possible to get situated.
• Have a couple blankets or big towels and something comfortable to rest on.
• Wear something comfortable, yoga clothes, sweats, pajamas…

If you are able to pay, the suggested donation is $20.


Meeting ID: 287 802 4766
Password: Moonshop10

ONLINE Modular Sound Bath: Full Moon! August 18 at 7:00pm

Modular Sound Bath
New Moon
Tuesday, August 18, 7-8pm
ONLINE on our Modular Sound Bath YouTube Channel (link below)
Please donate if you are able (links below)

New Moon

Be the light in the dark! The new moon is our chance to begin anew: to set intentions and reboot our systems and get enthusiastic about something. Let's create a little spark in the world by coming together for this Online New Moon Modular Sound Bath. Expect space sounds (to enhance twinkling)!

Event Includes:
We will begin with some centering, intention-setting, breath-work, mantra chanting, and a grounding meditation. After all that, we sound-travel.

Journals Encouraged:
We invite you to take down the before- and after-effects of your meditation. Open up your journal and write without stopping for 1 minute (or more) before and after your sound healing.

Your Setup:
We suggest that you create an ambience (ear plugs, dim lighting or eye mask, essential oils, candles, an alter, time, space, an open heart). You could keep it simple and lay in bed, ready to sleep as soon as we shut down the stream.

Modular Sound Bath (Christian and Brandee) is a duo interested in raising vibrations via direct tonal healing. Their sound baths stimulate the 7 chakras, bringing participants into a more balanced and aware state of being. The steadiness of their crystal singing bowls pairs beautifully with the varied arrangements available with Modular Synthesis, sometimes melding the frequencies seamlessly, and sometimes adding some texture to the relaxing hum of the bowls. This approach to sound gives participants an opportunity to travel, to take a journey through their minds. The responses vary greatly: "It felt like I was traveling through space;" "I was flooded with memories from childhood;" "It felt like an acid trip, but safe;" "This is the first time I've been able to truly meditate."

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**This event will be streamed live on YouTube. SUBSCRIBE to Modular Sound Bath to watch!