Upcoming Events

May 2019

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath May 25 at 6:30pm

Saturday, May 25
Led by Christine Aprile and Madre Jaguar
*Please bring your own mug

All tribal and shamanic traditions had ceremonies and rituals of honoring the ancestors, feeding them, seeking their advice or appeasing them. It is believed that the dead don’t die, but rather ascend to another level of being, from which they can look on and assist us. The Ancestors can guide us in our daily lives, intercede on our behalf and protect us in times of need. The bonds with our ancestors carry some of the most powerful forces at play in our lives.

Join Madre Jaguar and Christine of Receptive Tarot as we commune with the sacred medicine of Mayan Cacao and Sound Healing, open to the wisdom of our hearts, commune with Source, and reach out in prayer and meditation to our Ancestors to access Divine Wisdom and Healing.

Please wear comfortable and loose clothing (white/light colors preferred). Bring an offering for our altar to honor your ancestors - flowers, sage, tobacco, herbs, rocks, crystals, photographs, etc. Bring a cup and a friend…or two!

Offering: $30

June 2019

First Fridays - Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Community Gathering June 7 at 7:30pm

First Fridays - Yoga, Meditation and Community Gathering
June 7

Spiritual growth can be hard and lonely. That’s why it’s important to actively step out of isolation and to regularly celebrate how far we’ve come. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing at Siesta Yoga on the first Friday of every month.

First Fridays at Siesta Yoga is all about connecting to our true selves through yoga and meditation, and connecting to fellow travelers on similar paths of awakening and healing. When we practice in community, the group energy helps us to go beyond our perceived limitations and we leave feeling connected and uplifted, with a deep sense of “I got this, no matter what life throws at me”.

We’ll start off with an opening circle to activate the group energy. Then we’ll do an uplifting yoga set to release the stress of the week, followed by a centering meditation and a deep relaxation. And it’s going to be a very special kind of deep relaxation! Because we are lucky to have sound healer DeeAnna as part of our community, and she will be playing her gong as we comfortably lie on our mats letting those ancient, healing vibrations wash over us. After closing the circle, we will celebrate community with homemade yogi tea and snacks (gluten-free and vegan options will be available).

So come to First Fridays and let yourself be seen, held and understood. We are all in this together, and now we have a space where we can actually BE ourselves together.

What do you need to bring? A yoga mat and a cushion, if you have them. If you’d like to share a snack or dish, feel free to bring that, if you don’t no worries, we’ve got enough for everyone. And bring yourself, just the way you are. Even if you’re nervous or anxious or you had a bad day, just come, all states of mind are welcome.

I’m looking forward to sharing this special evening of connection and celebration with you. Sat Nam!
~ Charisma

Brush Your Qi: Internal Martial Arts June 8 at 3:00pm

Brush Your Qi
Internal Martial Arts: Qi Gong, Meditation in Motion, Energy Hygiene
Saturday, June 8

Svitlana has spent over a decade traveling and studying under some of the most respected wushu masters in China, on a mission to understand the space between body and soul, known in China as “shen-fa.” Traditional wushu world Champion, Svitlana is an accomplished international martial arts performer and choreographer with a passion for empowering people by sharing her knowledge and ability with others.

This workshop was specifically designed to provide us with the tools we need to redirect our energy towards positivity, productivity and prosperity by showing us how to “brush our Qi” every day through a combination of internal martial arts techniques. Our goal is to spread well-being by making this concept as natural as brushing our teeth!

Instagram : @wu.woman

This is a workshop-style class led by Svitlana. It will involve gentle, thoughtful, mindful movement that is accessible for all fitness levels.

$20 pre-register / $25 day of