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August 2017

Modular Sound Bath: The Crown August 26 at 6:00pm

SATURDAY, August 26

*Centering Breathwork
*OM Chant
*Enlightening Meditation
*Sound Bath

Christian and Brandee take you on a journey using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Modular Synthesis with the intention of breaking wide open the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) and letting in the light of interconnectedness. Break through blockages and get energy shining through and swirling in the whole body with this meditative sound journey.

A sound bath is used as a healing technique, using the vibrations from sound to "communicate" with the vibrations of each individual's body and mind to shake out discomfort and tension.

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"It sounded primal. I loved it!"

"When I came in, my sciatica was acting up. I felt a sensation in the area where I feel the discomfort during the sound bath, like a vibration. By the time the workshop was over, the pain was gone. The whole next day, I enjoyed what felt like a new body, cleansed of any sciatic pain whatsoever." - Emi

"Some of the tones reminded me of Pink Floyd, which brought me back to this crystal clear memory from childhood. It made me laugh." - Julie

"I felt like I was on an acid trip!" - Erica

"I feel taken care of, and I really needed this. You reminded me that the peace is within, and that it's actually always accessible." - Bobby

"I feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time" - Greg

"I thought I was in the movie Arrival for awhile there" - Jonathan