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August 2019

Modular Sound Bath: The Unseen August 18 at 7:00pm

Modular Sound Bath
Full Moon
Sunday, August 18
7-8:15pm *NEW TIME*

*Guided Meditation
*Sound Journey

Christian and Brandee take you on a sound journey using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Modular Synthesis.

As the full moon (8/15) fades, so too does summer. We embrace these final days of sunshine by continuing to balance what is vibrant and fiery and active with the subtle, smaller things that are right in front of us, but often go unnoticed. Observe what seems unseen by tapping in to a new perspective.

A sound bath is used as a healing technique, using the vibrations from sound to "communicate" with the vibrations of each individual's body and mind to shake out discomfort and tension.

$25 pre / $30 day of
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"I was levitating!"

"I feel energized...like everything is in its place."

"I went on a ride between consciousness and extreme self-awareness. When I would close my eyes, the sounds would influence my thoughts, presenting memories from life, tv, and thoughts I've had. When I'd open them, I was fully present and awake."

"My brain is forced to let go, as though I am no longer in control of it. My thoughts flow in effortlessly; some very out there. Without judgement, I am able to simply watch them move through." - Anna

"I felt so heavy that even if I wanted to, I couldn't move my body and get up. It was comfortable. I wanted to be there." - Aaron

"It sounded primal. I loved it!"

"When I came in, my sciatica was acting up. I felt a sensation in the area where I feel the discomfort during the sound bath, like a vibration. By the time the workshop was over, the pain was gone. The whole next day, I enjoyed what felt like a new body, cleansed of any sciatic pain whatsoever." - Emi

"Some of the tones reminded me of Pink Floyd, which brought me back to this crystal clear memory from childhood. It made me laugh." - Julie

"I felt like I was on an acid trip!" - Erica

"I feel taken care of, and I really needed this. You reminded me that the peace is within, and that it's actually always accessible." - Bobby

"I feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time" - Greg

"I thought I was in the movie Arrival for awhile there" - Jonathan

The Arcana Meditations Series: The Magician August 25 at 6:30pm

Sunday, August 25

Join Christine of Receptive Tarot and special guest sound artist George Jensen for a deep meditative dive into the world of The Magician, the archetypal creator of the Tarot. We'll be exploring the meaning and symbolism of the card through an experiential lecture and ceremony, followed by a guided meditation and sound journey. Using elemental soundscapes, field recordings, dry ice, gongs and synthesizers, we'll explore the alchemy and archetype of the Magician while discovering the nature of our own inner mage.

Offering: $22 pre / $25 day of


Yoga for Actors Workshop August 31 at 3:00pm

Led by Alessandra
Saturdays 8/31, 9/7, and 9/14 (individual courses or series of 3 available)

As an actor and Yoga teacher, I notice parallels to the practice on the mat, and what we’re asked to do as storytellers. This workshop will discuss and connect those parallels to leave you feeling:

- In your body, open and curious to different perspectives
- Present with what’s before you, empowered to speak your truth from a place of integrity
- Resilient, self-sufficient and grounded in this demanding field.

Come to 1, 2 or all 3 parts where we’ll flow through classic postures, practice breath work, chant, and meditate to liberate our most authentic and creative selves.

Open to actors and non-actors alike! This is your chance to study deeper concepts with Alessandra, outside of her weekly classes.

$25 per session / $60 for all three