Manduka beLONG Body Roller


Made of over 50% Recycled EVA Foam, the Manduka beLONG Body Roller is an environmentally friendly alternative to the classic foam roller. Be good to your body and roll on.

How to use your roller:
1. Roll gently back and forth across sore and tight muscles for 60 seconds
2. Spend extra time gently rolling on knots and trigger points to release tightness
3. Roll injured areas daily and prevent injuries by rolling two or three times daily
4. Always gently stretch each muscle after rolling with the body roller
5. Rolling can sometimes be considered “tough love,” but relief is a roll away

• 0.8 lbs.; 18” L x 6” D
• Made of 50% recycled EVA foam
• High density foam for ultimate support
• Reduces muscle tightness and tension
• Increases blood flow and circulation
• Stretches muscles and tendons safely